Баг :Bug with counting the number of pages in the category
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Репортер :Amro 25-12-14 19:23
Обновил :Amro 25-12-14 20:11
Версия :175
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Bug associated with the wrong condition L IKE in a SQL query in list.inc.php.

 $sql4 = sed_sql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $db_pages p, $db_structure s 
       WHERE p.page_cat=s.structure_code 
       AND s.structure_path LIKE '".$sed_cat[$i]['rpath']."%' 
       AND page_state=0 "); 


 $sql4 = sed_sql_query("SELECT COUNT(*) FROM $db_pages p, $db_structure s 
       WHERE p.page_cat=s.structure_code 
       AND (s.structure_path LIKE '".$sed_cat[$i]['rpath'].".%' OR s.structure_path = '".$sed_cat[$i]['rpath']."') 
       AND page_state=0 "); 


Затронутые части :list.inc.php

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