rocket league items
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rocket league items is accepting into the Halloween spirit with its accessible Apparitional Hallows event, active from October 15 through November 5. During that time, players will acquire a appropriate bill – Candy Corn, artlessly – in adjustment to acquirement altered Halloween-themed items. You'll charge 50 to 150 Candy Corn to grab a lot of of the air-conditioned anniversary goodies, so that agency you'll accept to bullwork it out a bit added if you wish to aggregate everything.

The new items and Candy Corn yield the abode of endure year's crates, and instead action corrective items like toppers and car skins, like the spiderweb-themed Arachnophobia decal rocket league trading. The Candy Jack acknowledgment puts a jack-o'lantern on top of your car, while the Apparitional Abode acknowledgment does absolutely what it says it does. It's just a miniature apparitional house.Candy Corn can aswell be traded in for Aureate Pumpkins, which will net you a Nitro, Turbo, or Player's Choice Crate. They'll alleviate items from anniversary of those alternation of goodies, so you've got some options while the themed accident is traveling on.