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There was a apparent abeyance afore he added WWE in that aboriginal sentence, and for barefaced reasons. The game's Metacritic boilerplate of 35 was almost bisected that of the added versions of the game, and its abstruse issues were well-documented A ages later, 2K accepted that WWE 2K19 would skip the Switch, explaining, «2K is focused on authoritative the best accessible acquaintance for WWE 2K admirers and will abide evaluating all opportunities to bear the authorization beyond added platforms.»

One affair that didn't authority the Switch adaptation of WWE 2K18 aback was the game's claim that even players of the armament adaptation accept a microSD agenda to authority a binding 32GB download. NBA 2K18 agitated the aforementioned accumulator requirement, as accept a bulk of added AAA amateur on the system Rocket League Keys. While such a authorization would accept been a deal-breaker for abounding amateur just a bearing ago, Ismailer said 2K hasn't apparent affirmation of it affliction sales so far.