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I have many friends and acquaintances, but I feel very lonely. I don't know what's happening to me. And why I'm not interested in society. I walk around like a stranger. Sometimes I help people with something. Since I have a lot of different knowledge. My other interests include sports and dancing. There are a lot of different Hobbies. But why is it always the same. People where are you? I would like to meet a person with whom you can do everything together. Where such a find? Is it real through a Dating? Have you found it?



Hi dita! No need to despair like that. You are still young and your destiny will definitely go well. So the time has not come yet. You can see the offers on dating sites. But be careful there as there may be fraudsters. Although many meet their fate on such sites and live happily. I also met men there but it didn’t come down to serious relationships. I just like to chat.



Friends is good. But friends have their own interests, their families, their worries.
you are alone as far as i can understand because you don’t have your boyfriend
Every person should have a family. This is the rule of the world.
At some point, work, friends seem worthless. You come home and there is emptiness.
A dating site is the way to find your partner. try it