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If the Gauntlet drops to the floor, expect another struggle: when there are players around, they fortnite items will probably shoot you on your way over to this thing. If you can create it, however, you become Thanos, so any damage that you take becomes less of an issue. You'll spawn back above the map with 300 shield and 700 health, crashing down with your fist slam rather than the standard parachute. You will have all the motions that you fought against minutes ago, and naturally, you are going to become a target as well. Surviving as Thanos involves staying mobile, doing plenty of leap slams and not allowing an enemy get a bead on you for a long time. 300 shield and 700 health feels just like a lot, however the character's enormous frame means that way more of the bullets out of weapons like assault rifles and SMGs end up finding their goal, and he can take damage just as rapidly as he could dish it out.

It is a victory of a mode, and enjoying as Thanos is by far the largest departure from the conventional moment-to-moment gameplay that Epic has produced yet. It makes me very curious about what's coming our way in Season 4.

Popular PS4 streamer NickMercs won one of the very high-profile «Fortnite» tournaments on Friday, and he did it with a Dualshock controller.

DramaAlert sponsor Keemstar held a star competition on fortnite characters May 11 called «Fortnite Friday.» It featured 32 players broken into 16 teams of 2. Members of esports organizations such as FaZe and OpTic Gambling participated in case, Together with online personalities such as Logan Paul