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Community establish health (podiatry) referrals Community concern for illness of the establish and tarsus Quick links Find a consultant Find a service Our wards Referral guide Community foot health (podiatry) service Service overviewPatients Referrals Overview Patients Referrals Referral criteria Patients must be registered with a GP supported in Lambeth or Southwark (this does not apply to our emergency establish clinics which are obvious to all patients with an crying foot problem). 

Useful information Download our referral constitution (Word 180Kb) or ask your GP to refer you via NHS e-Referral service (formerly known as Choose and Book). Referral conventionality are also available from our clinics or your GP orthopedy. We accept referrals from healthcare professionals or identical-referrals. We also accept referrals from friends, carers or relatives on the longanimous's defense.