Runescape Archaeology Skill Will Come On March 30, Level Cap To
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Runescape team announced to release a brand new skill Archaeology on March 30, a Gathering and Manufacturing skill with six large areas to explore, which was announced firstly at RuneFest 2019, and now finally its release was put on the agenda.

The biggest highlight of Archaeology is that it combines multiple skills of currency Runescape, such as Farming, Herblore, and Cooking, and each can provide a lot of game content to explore. buy rs3 gold

With Archaeology, your task is to excavate strange artefacts in Gielinor and restore them to gain their powers, you'll rediscover the art of ancient Summoning, reinvent bygone technologies.

Compared to other Runescape skills, Archaeology has increased the level cap to 120, rather than the traditional 99, which can be provided for players to train freely up until level 20, about two hours to play, while more content will be available for RS members.

Beyond the Archaeology skill itself, Runescape will also add an elite skilling outfit called Chronotes instead of the usual fragment system, that is to say, there will be a new currency in Runescape to control the in-game economy. Moreover, the strong relics can be turned into perks, some of them can also provide the ability to refund adrenaline, increase the character health and cast teleport spells for free, and which will be permanent rewards for players to enhance characters.

With Archaeology, it will start a completely different adventure in Runescape, surrounding the soaring StormGuard Citadel, the forgotten fort of Kharid-et and the haunting Everlight.

These are details about Archaeology we know so far, and all other content will open on the day of release, remember it will be on March 30, please pay close attention.

I am looking forward to Archaeology will bring some surprise to players. Prior to it, Jagex has delayed the new skill release to bring higher quality content. With more types of RS Items, it would get easier while playing Archaeology skill.

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