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When the spine is misaligned it can put pressure on one of the  Vitamove Back Pain Relief Review dozens of peripheral nerves that pass through the spine and branch out throughout the body. When a vertebra is misaligned and puts pressure on one of these nerves it can cause severe pain, and chiropractic theory suggests this also disrupts normal body functions.

For instance, if the sciatic nerve has pressure on it from misaligned vertebrae this causes the leg pain known as sciatica, a very painful condition that can become so severe it makes it difficult to function normally or even walk.  This misalignment of vertebrae is referred to as subluxation, which in definition means the partial dislocation of a joint or organ, and is corrected by the manipulation of the spine either by the application of pressure by hand or by various mechanical methods. Chiropractors may also suggest a specified exercise regimen for the patient to do at home to help maintain proper alignment.

Risk Factors There are opponents to chiropractic that say there is no evidence that proves chiropractic actually does anything. And further, there is evidence to suggest that unnecessary treatments do more harm than good. There is evidence that shows that neck manipulation may pose a small risk of stroke as the carotid artery may be damaged during treatment.