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Diagnostic injections into the SI joint may give not only confirmation Vitamove Back Pain Relief Review of the joint as the pain generator but also provide substantial pain relief for months. There is some debate about whether injections are better in the joint itself or around the joint to cover the nerve endings that supply the joint (and cause pain). In patients who have done well with diagnostic sacroiliac joint injections, small studies have shown excellent results with radiofrequency ablation for the SI joint. This treatment may provide pain relief for over a year by heating up and deadening the small nerve endings that were causing pain.

In the treatment of musculoskeletal problems, cortisone injections may be extremely effective. Also called corticosteroid injections, they provide a focused anti-inflammatory effect aimed at providing pain relief for patients that is coming from a joint problem, such as osteoarthritis, or a soft tissue problem, such as lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow). The medication in a steroid shot contains some of the same hormones that the human adrenal glands produce. These hormones, corticosteroids, perform vital functions in the body, such as being released and providing anti-inflammation when stress is experienced.

These injections into either joints or soft tissues provide pain relief, but it is not permanent. The effects wear off after a few weeks to months, and it may actually take a few days for the pain relief to kick in. Typically some numbing medicine is included with the steroid to give immediate relief. Patients frequently ask if the cortisone will help with cartilage restoration. Steroid injections are not disease altering treatments, they are simply symptom altering and meant to decrease pain.