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Recently, after hearing during a recent class from the LA Temple, that Ultra Manifestation Review one shouldn't think he could bring Krsna Consciousness to the work place and expect people there not to influence the devotee, it got me thinking so I am writing this today. I understand the speakers' intention was to not fool oneself into thinking one can expect oneself to remain strong in one's sadhana while associating with people outside the temple. For those who feel strongly in this regard, your point can not truly be disputed. As devotees we all know there's no place like Vaikuntha here on earth, in other words, the temple. We would all love to be in the most fortunate of circumstances, yet for some of us that can not always be possible.

However, there are those who bring the glorious mercy of the Lord everyday to work. I happen to be one of those fortunate few. Below are just a few of the ways I stay Krsna Conscious at work. Firstly, I am not ashamed to let people know I am a devotee. I sort of revel in the uniqueness and take every opportunity to introduce in private, as much philosophy as I feel is appropriate for the person and/or particular situation. For me it is never easy working in the first place, so generally I make a friend or two for support. 

I try to pick work associates carefully and select only those who are pious and kind-hearted as a base for any work friendship. They get the most mercy in forms of enlightening discussions and stories, books, chanting, kirtan, prasadam, offered flowers and holy water. They know why I don't eat meat and even understand how I can't kill the ants that may crawl on my desk from time to time. They know we can't go to lunch on Ekadasi and that on some days I fast.