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One of the natural sources we can obtain vitamin D from Curafen Review  is light. About twenty minutes out in the sunlight leads the human organism to process the sunlight through our epidermal layers (read, skin) and synthesize that into vitamin D. This is responsible for maintenance of calcium and phosphorus in most of our organs such as our intestines, heart, bones, even our thyroid glands. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms in this case would be that the production and maintenance of calcium and phosphorus within the body are negatively affected. This would lead to poor health, content, immunity of all the above bodily organs. Not only that, our susceptibility to disease and failure in all these areas also automatically increases.

If this doesn't sound scary enough yet, Vitamin D also affects the proliferation of cells and the differentiation of cells once created. If this goes awry, one of the major fatal paths the deviation can take is cancer. Vitamin D deficiency symptoms have been strongly linked to colon cancer occurrences by research. Especially since these deficiency symptoms include a weaker immunity system and a lower production and presence of white blood cells in the bloodstream.

Sun, a diet of fatty fishes, mushrooms and an egg a day are great natural sources to keep the vitamin D deficiency symptoms away. Still don't go and bask in the sun all day long either, over exposure to the sun usually results in minimal levels of vitamin D. Obesity is another deterrent to increasing levels. Other Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms are bone softening diseases, impaired mineralization of bones, porous bone content. If present in childhood, it can cause impeded bone growth and deformity. Rickets doesn't get easier to deal with in adulthood either though. It can also increase chances of getting any Auto Immune Disease.