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I wasn't sure how to name this topic, but I did my best.
I had some major issues starting last night with Finale and VST/Aria/Garritan, as well as Softsynth, with lots of crashing. I did all kinds of troubleshooting, and this is an area where I have good expertise. I tried deleting the preferences. I looked at the preferences file. I was close to reinstalling Finale (v25) when my brain reviewed my actions of the past 24 hours. The only change I made was installing the newest JW plugins into the plugins folder.
So, I moved them all out of the plugins folder and, lo and behold, everything began to work properly. No reinstall necessary.
So, my question is, am I the only one? If so, I'll try putting the plugins back one by one to run further testing. I anyone else has had issues, and have pinpointed the particular plugin at fault, I would like to know. Also, if there is a plugin causing the problem, Jari should be informed.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.