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Pro Blast XL But this is possible only if both parties are well aware that such sexual relations do not oblige them to anything. Both partners are honest with each other regarding both of them having sex and only, i.e. give pleasure to each other, no one has a thought that the other uses it, because, in fact, such sexual relationships are built on the mutual use of each other. Council If you want sexual relations not to ruin your friendships, you must be honest with each other. If any of you have any hope for anything more, consider this the beginning of the end of your relationship. In 9 cases out of 10 such friendly-sexual relations do not pass into a serious stage, therefore, do not try to make your friends serious life partners and do not enter into sexual relations with him with some far-reaching calculation only if you both want sexual pleasure, and sex is all and limited. Factor convenience and comfort. This situation is convenient, because, thus, you miss the intermediate stage of flirting. You do not need to go on dates, buy gifts, invite to a cafe or restaurant, try to guess what she likes. Everything is clear and well known. You do not need to worry about how the meeting will take place, you feel comfortable with each other both physically and emotionally, you know each other’s shortcomings. Men can not worry whether sexual intercourse will be successful, because in any case, you will remain on good terms, and you can then laugh at small misfortunes together. Such relationships are suitable for people who do not have time for romance, but there is a definite need. Council Remember that you must be honest with each other and all points above and must be placed. Moreover, you should not spread about your relationship to friends, relatives, acquaintances. You also should not publicize the relationship. If there is a mutual understanding between the partners in this matter, then simply call. But if the partner / partner for some reason refuses to meet, do not insist and be offended, because you do not have to each other, this is the point of such sexual relations.


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