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Trademark of General Electric Company; may be registered in one or more countries. ©2010  pared to the 5-micron rating cartridge filter. GE also  bacteria and cysts in waters where biofouling  Proper pretreatment prevents fouling of the.

Cryptosporidium & Giardia Cysts need 1 micron filters (not visible to the naked eye). Paper  Replacement water filter cartridges for your Omni Water Filter
Activated carbon filter introduction
Material analysis of the filter element

Water filtration cartridges and the types of systems and water filters in common use  They are used as pre filters to other treatment systems as well as UV lights.  Sediment filters range from less than 1 micron to about 70 microns but the most

Rainfresh HP1 is a high performance 1 micron filter cartridge that removes sediment, dirt, rust, sand etc down to 1 micron nominal. CSA/NSF Certified.

Filter cartridges for sediment removal are rated in microns.  of parasite, when it becomes important that the filter cartridge absolutely must be rated at 1 microns.

European manufacturer of water filters and components. Visit Aquafilter website and discover our wide range of quality water purification products. Aquafilter

The fouling potential of feed water is determined by a method called Silt Density Index  Pretreatment of RO systems and cartridge filtration  filter cartridges and provide RO membrane protection at 1 – 5 micron by trapping