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RS clan cup is back! During the week of August 19th, players are competing to see which clan are the real Big Game Hunters, and which clans are just a bunch of nimrods.

Join in RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 from Aug 19

RuneScape Clan Cup 2019 begins on August 19 and lasts for one week. Each player will have three one hour attempts to skin as many dinosaurs as they can in Big Game Hunter. These sessions can be abandoned and restarted at any time during the week. Players need the usual requirements for Big Game Hunter: 75 Hunter and 55 Slayer to participate in RuneScape Clan Cup 2019.

What are rewards from RuneScape Clan Cup 2019?

At the end of the week, the top ten scores from players’ clan will be combined into a total score. The clan with the highest total score will be declared the winners, and will walk away with a selection of rewards: 
1st Prize: Access to the Crystal avatar, clan stickied thread in recruitment and 12% XP boost/100% faster capping for a month. 
Runners Up: Access to the Crystal avatar and 9% XP boost/75% faster capping for a month.

RuneScape Big Game Hunter buffs during Clan Cup

1. Players can receive one Hunter Mark for each Dinosaur skinned at the end of the session. 
2. For the duration of the Clan Cup session, multi spawn encounters will be disabled to try and keep it fair throughout. 
3. During the Clan Cup session, the Dinosaurs will never go into hiding. 
4. While in a Clan Cup session in a Big Game Hunter encounter, Surge, Bladed Dive, Barge, and Escape will have a cooldown of 10 seconds.

Have fun if you have joined in RuneScape Clan Cup 2019! You could always learn the latest in-game news from RSorder.