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Although the infusing of technology into education offers the development of children into a useful and productive member in the future, certain factors don’t provide authority to materialization into universal reality.

Good Effects

  • Facilitates Learning: the advancement of the gadgets likes phones and tablets, enable students to get immediate access to information which makes it easier for them to study. They can Pay Someone to Write an Essay Paper for them.
  • Contributes To Teaching: the arrival of smart boards has improved the quality of teaching in schools. These smart boards help teachers to deliver maximum knowledge to their students.
  • Develops The Minds Of Students: the brain is the most important assets of any person. It works in a way, the more you use it, the more you improve it.

Bad Effects

  • Kills Creativity: the availability of limitless information on the internet can kill the creativity of the students. In order to get good grades, they just copy and paste the information.
  • Distractions: instead of studying students spend more time on social media sites.