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 First off T.J. Hockenson Jersey, it’s one of the most demanding positions in all of sports. Even if you are blessed with the ability to properly throw a football (a rare gift), you have to be able to master your playbook as well as the opposing defense’s. Then, you have to manage to become the leader of your team as well as the face of the franchise. More often than not, they will live and die by your success. Manage to do all of that Jahlani Tavai Jersey, and you still have to outperform some truly impressive competitors just to even get on the radar of an NFL franchise. What we’re saying is that no QB makes it to the NFL by mistake.Still, it’s not uncommon for teams to go through a lot of quarterbacks. Making it to the NFL as a QB is tough, but managing to stay relevant and competitive as a starter is another matter entirely. Even the best prospects can prove to be busts or succumb to injury. It’s why most teams in the NFL actually go through quite a few quarterbacks over a period of years. Even if they have found “their guy,” weird things can happen. In fact Will Harris Jersey, a quick look at any team’s history of QBs reveals more than a few names that all but the most hardcore of fans have probably forgotten all about. This is every NFL team's most random QB fans completely forgot about So… you’ve picked your fantasy team, you’ve watched Hard Knocks (and know far more about the Los Angeles Rams than you’d have ever imagined), you’ve scoured all the preview magazines and are already laughing hysterically at the Cowboys’ misfortunes (and probably the Eagles too when this gets posted).Now it’s time to actually think about proper games and not glorified scrimmages. It’s time to bathe in football. It’s time to live week-to-week. It’s time to ignore family and significant others. Feed me nachos and bud light and take the kids to the park.The greatest reality show on television is about to kick off and boy this is going to be a helluva season – I just know it will.There’ll be referee drama, there’ll be MORE ‘deflategate’ discussion Austin Bryant Jersey, and there’ll be more discussion about mediocre names like Mark Sanchez, Trevor Siemian, Sam Bradford, Jay Cutler and Robert Griffin III than Clinton and Trump. We must not let potentially the most important election since 1960 get in the way of discussions about the Seahawks having the best secondary ever.God bless the NFL. It’s back!What follows is a C-Grade (at best) Nostradamus-esque guide to what will happen this year. If but one of these 15 events occurs Rashan Gary Jersey, I will strain my friendships with ‘told you so’ like statements, and conveniently forget how wrong I was with the other 14.